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High-class Acrylic ThermaSPA provides an unforgettable experience for 7-8 people at a time. The arrangement of the jets ensures optimum neck and shoulder massage. This hot tub will definitely help you arrange the best get-togethers. Imagine a great time, at night, with LED lights on and a bubble massage. An unforgettable time and fun all year round, and it doesn't matter how cold it is outside. 


Acrylic insert is considered the far superior material for spa inserts. High-quality acrylic is durable, energy-efficient, and looks great.


Acrylic ThermaSPA for 52.000 kr 


What's Included?


  • Black Marble or White Marble.
  • 3 Hydromassage systems (26 jets, 3.3kW).
  • 1 Air bubble system (12 jets).
  • 1 Underwater LED light.
  • 10 mini LED lights.
  • BOX stair.
  • External heater AISI 304.
  • Heater pipe protection.
  • Insulated Lid.
  • Painting of wooden parts.
  • Instructions for use.
  • 24 month warranty.


Additional accessories:

  • Exterior LED light stripe +3500 kr 
  • 2 stainless steel bands +1200 kr
  • Heater in AISI 316 stainless steel +2000 kr
  • Sandfiltersystem with connections +4000 kr
  • XL external heater +9000 kr



  • We will gladly accept your order by email

    You may also call us for any assistance +46 (73) 1214444

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