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ThermaSauna 1.5M is a perfect barrel shaped outdoor sauna for spacious homestead or a small yard which is ready to use first day after delivery. The sauna has an L-shaped bench inside, which allows 1 person can lie down or 3 persons sitting in the sauna. 


The sauna does not require heavy foundation. It can be placed almost anywhere temporary, but for a permanent installation we recommend to put it on terrace, paving, stone chips or at least few bricks under corners. Construction is strong and very stable, which makes it safe to lift the whole sauna (i.e. for transportation, to change location in your garden, to sell it in future etc).


Sauna specifications:

  • Walls and roof are made of 42 mm solid spruce wood. Wall elements are tightened with long screws which ensure strength and stability of construction. Sauna comes fully built and ready to use instantly after delivery.
  • Roof is covered with bitumen shingles. 
  • Floor in sauna room is made from untreated 27 mm terrace boards with air gaps for ventilation and water drainage. 
  • All wood used for floor frame and construction is impregnated.
  • For electricity and lights we use Harvia Light sauna lamps, special heat and water resistant cables and IP65 waterproof switches. 
  • Entrance door made of 6 mm tempered and tinted glass. 
  • L shape bench inside made of aspen or black alder.
  • Outdoor painting is included (transparent gray, brown, teak, red, black and silver gray). Other colors available at an extra cost.


  • Electric Harvia Trendi KIP 90 (9 kW) heater with stones costs 5.000 kr.


Other accessories are available:

  • 2 windows (30x94 cm) 2000 kr.
  • Half moon window 4500 kr (2 steel bands required +2000 kr)
  • Full moon window 7000 kr (2 steel bands required +2000 kr)
  • LED under the benches 4000 kr.


Capacity: 1-3 people
Outside length: 150 cm
Diameter: 228/237 cm

ThermaSauna 1.5M

  • We will gladly accept your order by email

    You may also call us for any assistance +46 (73) 1214444

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